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AFIX is a quality improvement strategy, developed by the CDC, to raise immunization coverage levels and improve standards of practices at the provider level. The acronym for this four-part dynamic strategy stands for:

  • Assessment of the healthcare provider's vaccination coverage levels and immunization practices,
  • Feedback of results to the provider along with recommended strategies to improve processes, immunization practices, and coverage levels,
  • Incentives to recognize and reward improved performance, and
  • eXchange of information with providers to follow up on their progress towards quality improvement in immunization services and improvement in immunization coverage levels.

You can learn about the process on the CDC’s AFIX webpage.

Request a visit

A percentage of NCIP providers that meet minimum requirements for an AFIX visit are usually visted every other year. Different strategies can be implemented in provider offices that use the NCIR and those that don’t. To request an AFIX visit to assess your pediatric population, contact your Regional Immunization Consultant.


For trainings on AFIX reports and how to increase immunization rates, see NCIR Education.



Updated: December 7, 2020