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Vax Facts

An e-newsletter from the N.C. Immunization Branch

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Current and Past Editions

All editions of Vax Facts are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated:

October 2013 (PDF, 119 KB) Highlights: Pharmacists Immunizing Role Expands; 2013-14 Influenza Information; New Storage & Handling Requirements; Links to 2013 NC Immunization Conference Presentations; Special Tributes to Beth Rowe-West.

June 2013 (PDF, 255 KB) Highlights: 2013 Measles Update; Hurricane Season Preparedness; Back to School Immunization Requirements; 2013-2014 Influenza Vaccine Information; National Immunization Awareness Month.

March 2013 (PDF, 112 KB) Highlights: 2013 NC State Immunization Conference Announcement; New: Preparing for a Site Visit Module; Ways to Earn Continuing Education Credits; Getting Ready for National Infant Immunization Week; Important Back to School Information; Pneumococcal Pneumonia and Prevnar 13.

February 2013 (PDF, 97 KB) Special Influenza Edition.

January 2013 (PDF, 115 KB) Highlights: New Coverage Criteria Updated; Coverage Criteria Training Module; Provicer Education Requirements; CDC Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit.

December 2012 (PDF, 99 KB) Highlights: Save the Date - 2013 NC State Immunization Conference; Vaccinations Protect Generations Media Campaign; National Influenza Vaccination Week, Immunization Branch Wins Bull's Eye Award; Holiday Shipping Schedule; Safeguarding Vaccine During the Holidays; Issuing Certificates of Immunizations.

November 2012 (PDF, 119 KB) Highlights: 2012-2013 Influenza Update; Annual Child Care Immunization Reports; New HPV Vaccine Brochure for Boys; Coming Soon: National Influenza Vaccination Week; CDC Lists Changes in Recommendations for Vaccine Storage and Handling.

October 2012 (PDF, 121 KB) Highlights: Changes to NC Immunization Program Now in Effect; New Coverage Criteria Reflects New Program Changes; National Immunization Survey Shows Drop in NC Rates; Flu Preparedness; Maintaining the Cold Chain.

September 2012 (PDF, 116 KB) Highlights: Upcoming Changes to the North Carolina Immunization Program; Regional Workshops; Rise in Pertussis in NC; New Immunization Law Training Module; How to Locate Immunization Records; DPH Joins Twitter; H3N2 Variant Influenza Virus Alert; One and Only Campaign.

August 2012 (PDF, 121 KB) Highlights: National Immunization Awareness Month; Media Campaign Gains National Recognition; Have You Updated Your Disaster Recovery Plan?; Meet "Puddin the Bear".

July 2012 (PDF, 55 KB) Highlights: Upcoming Changes Coming to NCIP; Flu Season is Over; Are You Giving Your Patients VISs?; Getting Ready for National Immunization Awareness Month; Immunization Legend Retires from CDC; Meningitis Angels Photo Contest

May 2012 (PDF, 72 KB) Highlights: 2012 Vax Facts Readership Survey; Eligible Children Need a Supplemental Dose of PCV13; Determining Refugee Eligibility for State Supplied Vaccines; O.R.D.E.R. Appropriately; Cervical Cancer Resource Directory Now Available; North Carolina's CDC Childhood Immunization Champion

April 2012 (PDF, 73 KB) Highlights: Expansion of Tetanus, Diphtheria and Acellular Pertussis (Tdap) Vaccine; Adolescent Immunization Awareness Month; National Infant Immunization Week; New: Determining Eligibility for VFC Vaccines Flow Chart; Pertussis and Tdap Review

March 2012 (PDF, 70 KB) Highlights: Current Status of State Supplied Influenza Vaccine; North Carolina Immunization Program Recognized by CDC; Annual Local Health Department Assesment Results; Vaccine Site Administration; 2012 Vaccine Immunization Schedules

February 2012 (PDF, 63 KB) Highlights: Updated Coverage Criteria; Coming Soon: National Infant Immunization Week; New Flow Chart for Determining Eligibility for VFC Vaccines; Nominate Your Childhood Immunization Champion; New Provider Resources for Vaccine Conversations with Parents

January 2012 (PDF, 64 KB) Highlights: Flu Season is Here: It's Not Too Late to Vaccinate; Annual Childcare Immunization Reports Due on January 13, 2012; North Carolina Receives a “B” for Immunization Rates; Availability of Adult Vaccine Changes; New ACIP Recommendation for Quadrivalent Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine Among Children Aged 9 through 23 Months at Increased Risk for Invasive Meningococcal Disease.

December 2011 (PDF, 71 KB) Highlights: 2011 National Influenza Vaccination Week; 2011 Holiday Shipping Schedule; NC Immunization Registry/Electronic Health/Medical Records and Bidirectional Interface Survey; Best Practices for Diagnosing Bordetella Pertussis; Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) Approves New Recommendations for Human Papallomavirus (HPV) and Hepatitis B Vaccines; New Polio VIS.

November 2011 (PDF, 67 KB) Highlights: 2011-2012 Influenza Update; Vaccinations Protect Generations Media Campaign; Online NCIR Classes on NCIP Borrowing/Replacing Policy and the NCIR & NCIR Maintenance; NC Health Choice/Medicaid; New Meningococcal VIS; World Pneumonia Day.

April 2011 (PDF, 88 KB) Highlights: N.C. Immunization Conference Coming Up; Accountability Reports; Annual Immunization Assessments; Back to School Planning; Request Reminder Reports; Online NCIR Classes on Error Correction; Nonsimultaneous Vaccine Administration; Kudos to Wake County Human Services; Binational Immunization Tool from the CDC.

March 2011 (PDF, 114 KB) Highlights: Kindergarten and Child Care Immunization Assessments; New Coverage Criteria, Continuing Education Webpage; Free Educational Materials to Order; Registering with the NCID Services; Online Classes on Reminder/Recall, New Tdap recommendation; Kudos to LHDs with 90% or greater on immunization coverage rates for 2 year olds; Updated General Immunization Recommendations from the CDC, 2011 Immunization Schedules Released, Vaccine Safety in the Media, Adolescent Immunization Awareness Month in April, Flu in NC Update.

February 2011 (PDF, 68 KB) Highlights: Hib Booster Requirement Reinstated, Annual Immunization Assessments for Local Health Departments on the way, NCIP Basics and Beyond Regional Trainings, Self Assessment Quiz, Use of Remaining Transition Vaccine, Free Educational Materials, NCIR: The Light Bulb Profile, Online NCIR Classes on Wasted/Expired Vaccine, NCIR Definition: Release, Vaccines for Health Care Workers, Kudos to the American Nurses Association for its "Bringing Immunity to Every Community" campaign, Wakefield Study Cited as Fraud, Flu Deaths in NC, Gardasil for Prevention of Anal Cancer.

January 2011 (PDF, 140 KB) Highlights: 2011 Immunization Conference Survey, Program Change, Flu Vaccine Available for All, Free Educational Materials, In-home Care and Vaccines, New Vaccine Accountability Report, New Online NCIR Classes, NCIR Definition: User Roles, Needle Lengths, Kudos to Cleveland County Health Department.

December 2010 (PDF, 76 KB) Highlights: Vaccine Brand Choice, Expanded Availability of Certain Vaccines, 2011 Immunization Conference Survey, Program Change, Free Educational Materials Available for Order, Reporting Out-of-Range Temperatures, New Online NCIR Classes, NCIR Definition: Vaccine Group, Booster Dose of Meningococcal Vaccine Now Recommended, Kudos to Marti Wolf at the North Carolina Community Health Center Association and Lydia Lyon at the Union County Health Department.

November 2010 (PDF, 197 KB) Highlights: ProQuad Availability and Shipping Change, Varicella Blackout, Program Change, Free Education Materials Available for Order, NCIR Data Entry Assistance, New Provider Agreements and Profiles, Accepting Vaccine Shipments in the NCIR, NCIR Definition: Ordering Authority, Clinical Focus on Pneumonia, Kudos to LHDs managing pertussis outbreaks and all our providers for good 2009 NIS results!

October 2010 (PDF, 142 KB) Highlights: Program Change, Free Education Materials Available for Order, NCIR Data Entry Assistance, Documentation of Vaccine Administration for NCIR users and non-NCIR users, Using Transaction Reports in the NCIR, NCIR Definition: Invoke on Use and Invoke on Age, Clinical Focus on Pertussis

September 2010 (PDF, 91 KB) Highlights: Flu Season Updates, Program Change, Regional Trainings, Updated Region Assignments for Nurse and Program Consultants, NCIR Data Entry Assistance, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Profile, Mass Vaccination Screen, Vaccine Doses: New and Historical, Importance of Hepatitis B Birth Dose, Certificate of Immunization, CDC netconference, Updated Guidance on Expiration Dates, and Kudos to all our providers for improved Tdap rates!

August 2010 (PDF, 86 KB) Highlights: Program change, National Immunization Awareness Month, New Materials Request Form, Regional Trainings, NCIR Data Entry Assistance, State-supplied influenza vaccine, Managing Your Flu Vaccine Inventory, Influenza Vaccine Recommendations, Kudos to Western Wake Pediatrics.

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